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Al Serraj-Led Delegation Visits Al Zantan.

Al Serraj-Led Delegation Visits Al Zantan.Thursday , 10-08-2017 - 18:10:00

Tripoli, 10 August 2017(Lana) The President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj on Wednesday led a delegation on a an inspecting visit to the town of Al Zantan. He was welcomed on arrival by the Mayor and members of the Municipality, MPs, notables, tribal leaders and representatives of civil society organisations. Al Serraj was accompanied on his visit by the Commander of the Presidency Guard Brigadier Nejmi Al Nakou, Minister of Education Othman Abdul Jalil, Minister of State for Martyrs and Injured Affairs, the Chairman of the Board of the Electricity Company and several other Government officials. Al Serraj held a meeting at the Municipal Council headquarters with the Mayor and representatives of the social committee in the city. 'I came to Al Zantan with hope that our country will soon witness an end to the exceptional circumstances it is going through in terms of the political, economic and security situations, Al Serraj told the meeting. The President of the Presidency Council outlined his plan for getting the country of the political stalemate and the roadmap he presented to get the country of crisis. Al Serraj said he found positive response and acceptance of the principles he laid down from political and social leaders. There hardly anyone that they do not want an end what is going on in this country, Al serraj said, adding that 'we proposed unification of institutions, reconciliation and reparations for those affected, and we called for ending the conflict not through arms but through free and fair elections preceded by a referendum on a constitution that guarantees the rights for every citizen, Al Serraj said. The members of Al Zantan Municipal Council gave account of the problems and bottlenecks they faced and said they hoped the GNA Government would help resolve those problems. Reacting to the argument across the country over perceived Italian intervention through the Navy mission Italy sent to Libya to assist the Libyan Coast Guard, Al Serraj said: 'There is no better place to send through a message to every member of the Libyan society regarding the clamor surrounding the issue of sovereignty, that we have not and will not take any action that would undermine national sovereignty, and we will enter in any agreement to create a basis for settlement whatsoever, we will not forsake any particle of the soil of this country.' 'The Building of Libya is the responsibility of every citizen in every town and village, everyone has to offer concessions for the sake of this country to protect our social fabric, Al Serraj said. Al Serraj welcomed an initiative offered by Al Zantan to hold talks between political bodies in the town. = Lana=


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