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Al Serraj Condemns Assault Against HSC Leader.

Al Serraj Condemns Assault Against HSC Leader.Thursday , 1503201816:46:00

Tripoli, 15 March 2018(Lana) The President of the Presidency
Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj has
strongly condemned the assault on the motorcade of the President of
High State Council Adul Rahman Al Sweihli by a group of armed men
near Al Gawalish in the Western Mountain region.
This heinous attack is not directed against the HSC delegation
alone but aims to thwart underway efforts to restore peace, stability
and national reconciliation, Al Serraj said in a statement.
He vowed to track down and prosecute the perpetrators of this
crime as soon as possible, urging Libyans to stand together against
these criminal acts aimed at the security and stability of the