Friday, 10/7/2020 | 12:04 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

AL Sarraj meets high level European Committee and briefs them on details of Tripoli attack

Tripoli -President of Presidency Council, Fayez Alsarraj met Monday Head and members of European fact - Finding committee that comprise an elite of political, diplomatic, academic and media figures from various European countries. The President welcomed the delegation praising their keen interest to learn about the facts on Libya. He briefed them about the crisis and the challenges faced by the GNA and efforts made to overcome such challenges. The media office of the Presidency Council underscored that the government since it took over its responsibilities it pursued a balanced political, security, economic and social policies to reach a compromise and left the hardships. solutions. Alsarraj said; "The country was on the fringe of apolitical settlement after his 6th meeting with Hafter in Abudhabi, where several issues were underscored such as ruling out military solution, supporting Inclusive National Assembly Conference, laying down a strategy to build a unified army under civilian rule, and adopting mature media approach free of discourse of hatred and intolerance'. Al Assarra went on to say to the European delegation; 'The attack on Tripoli was a coup attempt to undermine the political process, and practical rejection of elections and civil state'. he said what encouraged Hafter to take this course was the support and weapons he gained from some countries so much so he was deluded to believe that he is able to take over Tripoli in few days'. Al sarraj also addressed the consequence sof the two-month old aggression, such as human and material losses and waves of displacement and atrocities perpetrated by the aggressive militia and that such violations amount to war crimes according to international law. Alsarraj said we are peace advocates but we were forced to war, however, we Libyans will be back to the negotiation table as soon as we deter the aggression and return of the aggressors from where they came from, based on new mechanisms and arrangements and rules for the political process taking into considerations the givings produced by war. He called on all Libyans to select their representatives to the talks such as political, social and intellectual leaderships. Then, after the his talk, he opened the door for questions and queries.

Source: Libya News Agency