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Libyan Newswire

Al Koni: Political Agreement Aims to End Division and Crisis in the Country Tripoli, 22 November 2016(Lana) The Deputy President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Musa Al Koni has said the Council was committed by Vir

In an interview with 'Libya Likul Al Ahrara TV channel, Al Koni stressed the need for the House of Representatives to endorse the political agreement as a priority, before approving the government. As for the proposed government Al Koni said the government should be representative of all regions and tribes of Libya. The House should recognize the nature of the situation in Libya, he said. The political agreement is based on the Presidency Council, the House of Representatives and the High State Council who all should shoulder their responsibilities to the Libyan people, Al Koni said. He urged member of the Council to close ranks and act like one council entrusted with running the Government of National Accord. Al Kone said the GNA was meant to get the country out of its crisis and to end division, chaos and deterioration of the economic situation. He called on all Libyans north, east and south to appreciate that it was a transition period to be followed by elections. He welcomed what he termed a 'sense of responsibility' that led to reunification of the two oil companies in one.

Source: Libya News Agency