Al Koni Meets Haftar In Presence Of Kupis.

Benghazi, Member of Presidency Council Commander in Chief of the Libyan Army Musa Al Kone met in Al Rajma Saturday Khalifa Haftar, self-proclaimed commander of Libyan Army.

Commenting on the meeting Al Koni said on tweeter ‘the meeting is in pursuance of efforts to re-unite the state institutions and particularly the military, which we started commanders in Tripoli and as part of bringing Libya together.

These efforts by the Presidency Council are in response to the threats faced by the Libyan southern region particularly after the events in Chad, Al Koni said, adding that safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of Libya have become an obligation.

The Head and members of the Presidency Council, the Commander in Chief of the Libyan Army have conducted multiple meetings with commanders of Libyan Army sections, and also commanders of military regions Tripoli, the Westrern Region and the Central Region as well as with the 5+5 Military Committee which centered on re-unifying the military institution and implementation of the ceasefire.

Source: Libyan News Agency