Monday, 17/2/2020 | 5:56 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Al Jamali Lays Down Plan for Next Phase in Libya.

Cairo, the Arab League Special Representative to Libya Salah Al Jamali on Tuesday proposed a working plan for the next phase in Libya that envisages an Arab fund to support the Libyan people living under the crisis in the country. Al Jamali outlined his proposal in remarks he made at the opening session of the consultative meeting of the permanent representatives in Cairo today attended by the Secretary General Ahmed Abu Al Gheith. The fund, he said, to be contributed by Arab states or Arab businessmen, could be used to help the Libyan people who half of them are unemployed. The fund could also help 'activate the political dimension', because once the Arab League make contributions on the ground his can give invigorate its political role, Al Jamali said in the remarks quoted by the Algerian news agency. The UN and African envoys to Libya are keen to work with the Arab League and the Secretary General overcome the challenges facing a settlement in Libya, AL Jamali said. He indicated that UN Envoy to Libya Martin Kobler saw the Arab role as useful to the UN, because they have problem of understanding the situation, but we, as Arabs can understand one another. He noted that African mediation efforts were being activated anew, whereby an African summit meeting was expected to be held, and on the sidelines of it there would a high-level committee of leaders of state devoted to the Libyan crisis. The fact that Chad, a Libyan neighbor, is presiding over the African Union gives the Libyan issue greater attention among Africans, and the Arab and African role should be complementing each other, Al Jamali added. He proposed to permanent delegates some thoughts which he said could be useful to accelerate a settlement to the crisis, indicating that Libyans were looking forward to an Arab role, stressing in the meantime of the vitality of the UN role through the political agreement which the Libyan reached after two years of UN-backed negotiations.

Source: Libya News Agency