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  • Influbook announces their ICO

    Connecting influencers, businesses, and consumers for a new social-commerce experience. Besançon, Nov 7, 2018: Influbook, the first open-network for Influencers to build their social reputation, connect directly with the brands they love, and join forces to offer consumers a new way to discover products and services through the passionate storytelling of influencers around the world.

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    TRIPOLI, The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Wednesday that 124 illegal Somali immigrants were voluntarily repatriated from Libya’s capital Tripoli. The repatriation took place as clashes erupted near Tripoli’s Mitiga International Airport, the IOM said in a statement. “Late last night, clashes erupted briefly around Mitiga airport, where our team was working to

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  • Conte Says Palermo Conference Will See Key Libyan Interlocutors Attending.

    Rome, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said that the Palermo Conference will see key Libyan interlocutors attending the meeting, adding that we do not look to solving all problems, but we seek to create a sustainable opportunity for meeting. ‘I avail myself on this opportunity to express my satisfaction for the huge number of

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  • Libyan Navy Rescues 315 Illegal Migrants.

    Tripoli, The Coast Guard have managed to rescue 315 illegal migrants who were on rubber dinghies off the coast of Libya, and in a state of illegal migration to Europe according to a Navy spokesman. The Navy spokesman Ayub Gasem said boats belonging to the Libyan Navy in Tripoli were able to rescue 315 illegal

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  • Libyan National Human Rights Committee Denounces Attacks On Medical Centres In Tripoli And Sebha.

    Tripoli, The Libyan National Human Rights Committee has denounced attacks by armed rogue groups on civilian institutions in various Libyan cities. On statement posted on its website it expressed full solidarity with employees of all institutions exposed to unjustified attacks and violence breaking all legislations. It vigorously condmned the attack on Al Jella Hospital in

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  • Presidency Council Spokesman Reviews PC Activities Locally And Internationally.

    Tripoli, GNA Presidency Council spokesman, Mohamed Al salak reviewed in his press conference Thursday local and international activities of the Presidency Council and PC stance in respect of issues and developments in the country. At local level, Al salak underlined preparedness of the government delegation assigned by President of PC to head to the south

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