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Zubida warns against settling illegal immigrants in Libya.

Zubida warns against settling illegal immigrants in Libya.Tuesday , 03-01-2017 – 15:42:00

Tripoli, 03.01.2017(Lana) Profesor of international law, Dr Mohamed Zubida warned Monday that the centers set up in Libya to accommodate illegal immigrants in Libya are illegal, pointing out that the specialized organ on refugee affairs is the UN High Commission for Refugees. Zubida explained in an interview with a Libyan Satellite Channel that Libya has not signed an agreement on this regard, and the presence of the agency in Libya is contrary to international law, by exploiting the state of security lapse as some refugees were settled and refugee cards were given to them. Zubida said the settlement of refugees in Libya are related to two plans; the first when UN envoy Martin Kobler spoke about the need to amend the Libyan laws regarding asylum and immigration to put pressure on Libya to sign the agreement on asylum. He said; the second plan is related to the presence of two organizations in Sebha; one Italian and the other a German one to settle African refugees in southern Libya exploiting the dark skin population of those areas beside Tabu and Taureg. Zubida said the real crisis is the absence of state organs facilitating the granting of Libyan identities to non-Libyans. He pointed out that last week over 40,000 identities were caught for individual with no Libyan citizenship. Zubida warned against a demographic change in southern Libya, and that the situation is facilitated by individuals residing in southern Libya and means of subsistence were given to them, carrying many threats in the future. =Lana=