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Written question – Warning of the presence of Isis fighters in Italy, who arrived as undocumented migrants. Danger of further terrorist attacks in Europe – E-001922/2018

On 31 January 2018, it was announced that the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) has drawn up a list of 50 suspected ‘Foreign Fighters’ belonging to Isis, of Tunisian nationality, who appear to have arrived secretly between July and October 2017 in Agrigento in Sicily, concealing themselves among illegal immigrants on the so-called ‘ghost ships’.

The Agrigento public prosecutor, Salvatore Vella, said that ‘for a terrorist, arriving by boat illegally in Agrigento is the safest way of getting into Europe’. Tunisians represent the largest group of jihadist fighters in Libya, and there are over 5 500 Tunisians in the ranks of Isis in the Middle East.

There is a very high risk of these terrorists carrying out further attacks in Europe. In 2018, over 6 000 undocumented migrants have arrived in Italy, including 1 200 Tunisians. On 27 March 2018, the Executive Director of Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri, announced that the terrorist threat remains high in the EU and that ‘we must be certain there are no frontier crossings to the EU that are not intercepted, as this would be to the detriment of European security’. In light of the above,

— How does the Commission plan to prevent the arrival of undocumented migrants into Italy?

— How does the Commission intend to strengthen EU border controls to prevent illegal crossings and consequently thwart further terrorist attacks in the EU?