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Libyan Newswire

Written question – VP/HR – Training of Libyan coastguards – E-006616/2016

As part of its new remit of 20 June 2016, EUNAVFOR Med Operation Sophia, the Common Security and Defence Policy mission to combat traffickers of migrants in the Mediterranean, has been given the responsibility for training Libyan coastguards — a measure intended, in turn, to bring Libyan territorial waters under tighter control.

Although the international community supports Libya’s Government of National Accord, the country is fragmented, threatened by jihadists and effectively under the grip of various armed militias. This state of instability in Libya means that the European Union must be extremely cautious when it comes to training security operatives. Furthermore, years of conflict have severely eroded the capabilities of the Libyan Navy and Coastguard Service.

1. Given the instability, can the Vice-President/High Representative state what criteria will be used in selecting the Libyan coastguards who will receive this training?

2. Training coastguards makes sense only if, once trained, they will be in a position to carry out their duties, so does the Vice-President/High Representative have any plans to address the problem of under-equipment in the Libyan Coastguard Service?