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Written question – UNICEF report on unaccompanied minors and reform of Dublin III – E-004963/2016

Unicef recently published a report indicating that 92% of minors reaching Italy via Libya between January and May 2016 were unaccompanied and — before their departure — had been abused by people smugglers. During the corresponding period last year, the figure was 68%, so there has been a big rise.

The Commission has submitted a proposal for reforming the Dublin III system, including rules on unaccompanied minors. The rules permit a minor to engage in asylum shopping, applying for asylum everywhere in the Union. Not in the country of first arrival (Italy), therefore, but — in the interests of the minor’s welfare — wherever the person may be.

1. How will the Commission ensure that parents do not send their children off to travel to the EU Member State of their choice and then seek family reunification on the basis of the favourable EU Directive 2003/86/EC?

2. Bearing in mind that the sudden increase in the number of unaccompanied minors is very likely inspired purely by the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, which is now being enshrined in legislation, is the Commission considering amending the above Dublin rule?

3. Or will the Commission arrange for Directive 2003/86/EC to be tightened up, and more particularly Article 10(3)(a), which requires EU Member States to admit parents to EU territory without imposing the customary conditions?