Monday, 6/4/2020 | 12:46 UTC+0
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Written question – Secrets and lessons of the Manchester attack – E-003569/2017

Ramadan Abedi, the father of the Manchester suicide bomber, who was a security officer before joining the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) — an anti-Ghadaffi group supported by the British secret services — is a character whose past raises some serious questions.

Prime Minister Al-Thani, who heads the Tobruk-based government, has said that he warned London of the presence of Libyan terrorists, which the British authorities are said to have continued to tolerate while the LIFG was ‘… recruiting Libyan and Muslim youths in the UK and Europe and sending them to Libya and other countries to deliver terrorism and death’, and that successive British Governments had ‘insisted that we share power in Libya with these terrorist organisations and their militias, the LIFG and the Muslim Brotherhood’.

In light of the above, can the Commission state:

Whether it does not feel there is a lot more to the Manchester attack than so far revealed;
Whether the clear failures in British intelligence do not show that it is pointless simply providing the police with a list of names if this is not followed up by measures to stop Islamic terrorism in practice?