Saturday, 15/8/2020 | 1:54 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Written question – Search and Rescue Area off Libya – P-003665/2018

According to a media report (, Libya has had an official Search and Rescue Area since the end of June.

That being the case, the SAR Area is officially notified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Libya applied for such an area last summer, but, because there was no prospect of success, subsequently withdrew its application. With the support of the Italian Coastguard, the Libyan authorities started a fresh attempt in December, and that has apparently now been endorsed by the IMO.

The Commission is financing the establishment of the Search and Rescue Area and the necessary Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre under the Seahorse Mediterranean network and Aurora projects.

1. Assuming that the Libyan application to the IMO has indeed been successful and the SAR Area is now notified, is the notification in question final or provisional, and is it subject to any conditions? Where exactly are the SAR Area and the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre? In other words, what coordinates are known?

2. In light of the projects that it is supporting, namely the Seahorse Mediterranean network and Aurora, can the Commission say what preconditions a country has to satisfy (for instance as regards rescue facilities, hospital beds, or means of communication) in order to have a search and rescue area and a national maritime rescue coordination centre officially notified via the IMO?

3. What arrangements were made with neighbouring countries for the purpose of setting up the SAR Area, and who conducted the relevant negotiations?