Monday, 24/2/2020 | 7:34 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Written question – Salvage of vessel shipwrecked in April 2015 off the coast of Libya – E-004197/2016

The Italian Government intends to salvage the wreck of the fishing vessel that sank off the coast of Libya in April 2015 with an estimated 400 to 500 migrants on board. Italian firefighters (the VV.F) have the task of recovering the bodies, an operation that will be carried out inside a hangar saturated with liquid nitrogen. It is not possible for the moment to know how well preserved the bodies will be, nor the state in which the firefighters will find them or the safety of the conditions in which they will be working.

— Does the Commission consider it legitimate for the salvage operations to be classified and managed by a military body such as NATO without health institutions being directly involved?

— Is it privy to information concerning the safety of the conditions in which the Italian firefighters will work and whether these conditions comply with Framework Directive 89/391/EEC?

— Is it aware that the personnel do not have any manuals for the different procedures involved in this salvage work, nor have they received any specific prior training to ensure the operations will be conducted properly with due regard for the physical and mental health of all those involved?