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Written question – Risk of a fresh wave of migration to Italy: 235 000 migrants set to leave Libya – Terrorist infiltration risk – E-007803/2016

On 15 September 2016, the head of the UN mission in Libya, Martin Kobler, said that 235 000 migrants were waiting for a chance to sail from Libya to Italy.

Italy’s home affairs minister said recently that 58% of the asylum applications submitted in Italy between 1 January and 9 September 2016 were rejected and that 37 011 people claiming to be refugees were in fact irregular migrants seeking to take advantage of Italy’s asylum system.

The EU scheme for relocating asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece to other Member States must be regarded as having failed following the announcement made by the Commission in September 2016 that only 5 651 transfers (3.5% of the 160 000 scheduled to be completed by September 2017) had been made.

What is more, both Frontex and NATO have pointed to the risk of terrorist infiltration of the clandestine migrants coming in to the EU and most of the vessels carrying migrants to Italy come from Libya, large swathes of which are controlled by ISIS terrorists.

Lastly, Italy’s neighbours have closed their borders to clandestine migrants seeking to cross from Italy.

— Does the Commission intend to take swift action to prevent migrants leaving Libya on vessels bound for Italy?

— Will it assist the Italian authorities in ensuring that all irregular migrants in Italy are repatriated?

— Does it intend to set up reception and identification centres in North African countries?