Monday, 3/8/2020 | 3:40 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Written question – Migration policy – E-003993/2018

Over the last few days, we have heard and read about the changes to immigration policy being made by the new Italian Government. The Italian Coast Guard urged vessels rescuing migrants near the coasts of Libya to address the authorities over there in crisis situations. In a ‘technical-operational’ circular message sent to all vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian coast guard explained that the authorities of Libya are responsible for assistance operations in Libyan waters, and that they should be contacted in the first instance.

What is more, the new Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr Matteo Salvini, made it very clear that illegal immigrants should start packing their bags, as the country is not in a position to keep hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

A similar opinion has been expressed by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who announced the creation of detention centres for illegal immigrants, the closure of seven mosques and the expulsion of several imams financed from abroad.

In connection with the above, I have one very important question:

Are there plans to take legal steps extending the solutions proposed in Italy and Austria across the whole EU?