Saturday, 4/4/2020 | 12:20 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Written question – Migration: Migrants' conditions of detention in Libya – E-004747/2017

The NGO Médecins sans Frontières has sounded the alarm in Libya about appalling living conditions in detention centres for migrants and the shocking treatment being meted out to them. The migrants’ circumstances in Tripoli, Misrata and Benghazi border on slavery. They are held prisoner and have to pay to be released. At that point, they turn to their families for money, thus placing them in unmanageable debt, and meanwhile the migrants are hired out by their guards as unpaid farm labourers or, in the case of women, forced to provide sexual services in the hope of being freed.

Médecins sans Frontières has also denounced the filthy, unhealthy conditions in the camps and the lack of food there. People are battling with scabies, malnutrition and a range of diseases linked to the conditions in which they are being held.

What steps does the Commission intend to take, particularly vis-à-vis the Libyan authorities, to combat these unacceptable practices?