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Written question – Maritime information exchange with Libya – E-001511/2018

Italian and Libyan security services have established a joint control centre in Rome (‘Serraj visits Libyan naval ship fixed by Italians’, Libya Herald, 13 January 2018). According to the article, those involved include the Libyan coast guard, the ‘Anti-illegal migration department’ of Libya’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Libyan Prosecutor-General and Libyan and Italian secret services. Libya has been authorised to use the SMART system (‘Service-oriented infrastructure for MARitime Traffic tracking’) of the Italian military for information exchange with the Italian authorities.

1. How much does the Commission know about the control centre in Rome operated by the Italian and Libyan authorities? Who is involved and what are the centre’s objectives?

2. Who developed the SMART system? Where is it in operation, and which Mediterranean countries (including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt) are involved in its operation, and using which maritime situation centres?

3. What information is disseminated by the SMART system?