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Written question – Improving the living conditions of refugees in Libya – E-005952/2017

After visiting the refugee camps in Tripoli in September 2017, the international president of Médecins sans frontières, Joanne Liu, declared that the camps in Libya were filthy and chaotic. She also drew attention to abusive behaviour by the camp guards, especially towards women.

During his State of the Union address on 13 September 2017, President Juncker noted the need to improve the living conditions of refugees in Libya. He added that the Commission would act in concert with the United Nations in order to put an end to this scandalous situation and had to reinforce its cooperation with Libya.

However, the political instability in Libya makes it hard to implement some of the European projects there, as shown by the difficulties encountered in paying out the funds of the annual action programme for Libya.

In this context, can the Commission say what measures she wishes to put in place in order to help improve living conditions in the refugee camps in Libya?


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