Monday, 20/1/2020 | 8:30 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Written question – Illegal sale of visas in Malta and Libya – E-003475/2018

It has emerged that 88 000 Schengen visas and an unknown number of visas for healthcare reasons have been sold illegally to Libyan citizens by Maltese Government officials (the majority of visas appear to have been sold at the Maltese Consulate in Tripoli); these visas can be used to enter and move freely around, Europe, thereby jeopardising EU security: this sale of illegal visa generates a turnover of millions of euros.

This system could also be exploited by members of the Islamic State still present in Libya.

How does the Commission intend to respond to these illegal visa sales, which undermine European security?

Does the Commission intend to launch an investigation into what is happening, both in Malta and in Libya?