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Written question – Human trafficking in Libya – E-007319/2017

An investigation by the American TV channel CNN, broadcast on 14 November 2017, brought to light the trafficking situation which many migrants are subjected to as they pass through Libya to reach Italy, the gateway to Europe. The video revealed the existence of a slave market near Tripoli.

The European Union has been providing significant support to the Libyan government, including through the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, and with a project involving funding of EUR 46 million, aimed at training Libya’s coast guard, reinforcing its borders and improving conditions for migrants in detention centres.

Following the CNN report, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights denounced the European Union policy in Libya, which he described as ‘inhumane’, as it involves financing the Libyan coast guards who block the migratory routes.

Given the current situation, should the European Commission revise its migration policy in Libya?