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Written question – Europol sounds the alarm: 800 000 migrants arriving in Italy from Libya and high alert for terrorist attacks at the European football championships – E-004285/2016

On 17 May 2016, the 2016 joint report on migration, published by Europol and Interpol, reported that at least 800 000 migrants are ready to leave Libya for Europe, along the Mediterranean route leading to the Italian coast, the only accessible route since the closure of the Balkan borders and the entry into force of the EU-Turkey agreement which has dramatically reduced arrivals in Greece. In addition to this warning, the report pointed out that in 2015, trafficking in human beings, made possible by the huge migration flows towards Europe, reached a turnover of nearly USD 6 billion and that 90% of migrants arrived in the EU through criminal networks operating at 250 collection points both inside and outside EU borders.

The alarm raised by Europol also concerns the European football championships to be held in France from 10 June, which represent a very vulnerable target for new terrorist attacks by ISIS. Meanwhile, there have also been recent warnings from Frontex and NATO on terrorist infiltration through the boatloads of illegal migrants landing in the EU.

Can the Commission therefore answer the following questions:

Will it provide the Italian authorities with assistance to halt, as a matter of extreme urgency, the new arrivals of migrants on the Italian coast?
Is it planning any action to dismantle, as soon as possible, the criminal networks that are threatening public security?
Does it intend to strengthen anti-terrorism security measures to prevent possible attacks by ISIS in France and in the EU?