Friday, 29/5/2020 | 9:36 UTC+0
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Written question – Claims by Italian Public Prosecutor that NGOs are working with migrant smugglers – E-003042/2017

Carmelo Zuccaro, the Public Prosecutor for the Italian town of Catania, stated during an interview with the newspaper ‘La Stampa’ that he has evidence to show that certain Non-Governmental Organisations, who work in cooperation with Italian coastguards, are working simultaneously with networks that smuggle migrants from Libya(1).

These claims have come to light during a period in which there have been dramatic increases in the number of migrants attempting the dangerous journey from Libya to the Italian coastline. In 2017 alone, 36 000 migrants have been rescued from the Mediterranean Sea, an increase of roughly 44% compared to the same period last year.

In view of this:

1. Has the Commission investigated the claims of the Public Prosecutor? Are these claims true?
2. What measures and initiatives does the Commission propose to take in order to tackle the serious problem which has come to light this year?