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Written question – Attack in Egypt and persecuted Christians – E-002721/2017

The latest attack which took place on Palm Sunday in Egypt has once again drawn attention to the unfair persecution to which Christians are being subjected in many African and Asian countries. According to the Open Doors ‘World Watch List’, 322 Christians are being killed every month — more than ten a day.

Other organisations have estimated that there were 90 000 murders in 2016 alone. The most violent areas are those controlled by the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, but there are also continuous attacks in Egypt — estimated to have been 77 between 2011 and 2016 — Saudi Arabia, where freedom of worship and civil rights are denied, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and North Korea.

In light of this information and of the latest episodes of violence in Egypt, can the Commission say:

Whether it is aware of these alarming and worrying statistics;
Whether it intends to take any action through policies and measures to support persecuted Christians?