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World Diabetes Day 2014 launched


Nov 2014

The Minister for health, Dr. Kwaku Agyemang- Mensah, has stated that deaths due to diabetes occur among people aged 29 to 39 years, which was the most economically productive age group of a nation’s population.

He made this statement at the launch of the 2014 World Diabetes Day celebration, which comes off on the 14th of November 2014 on the theme ‘Healthy eating and Diabetes’.


He said the direct economic cost of diabetes in terms of medical care and loss of human resource on a nation could not be over emphasized.

According to him, it had been established that significant number of diabetic patients in Africa did not have access to appropriate treatment such as, medications especially the insulin leading to the onset of avoidable complications that included stroke, heart diseases and kidney failure.

Dr Agyemang- Mensah said there was so much one could do to prevent diabetes such as healthy eating, which needed to be promoted through innovative and culturally sensitive approaches to public education and building of strategic partnerships involving all stakeholders.

Source ISD 🙁 Edem Agblevor)