Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 4:30 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Workshop on impact of security situation in Libya on AU members states and Libya neighbours.

Algiers, The Workshop on impact of security situation in Libya on African Union members states and Libya neighbours are continuing in Algiers at the African Centre for the Studies and Research on Terrorism. The workshop focuses on fighting terrorism and prevention from extremism in African Union members states and Libya neighbiouring countries. The participants who convened in a closed session focused, in their works that kicked off Tuesday, on diagnosing the general security situation on Libyan borders and its impact on neighboring countries. They stressed the need to have a common approach to fighting terrorism and violent extremism across the borders of this country, considered one of the preoccupations of the countries of the region at the moment, especially in view of the security threats due to smuggling of weapons and movement of terrorist groups. On the second day of the workshop the specialists would focus on partnership mechanisms to secure the borders of AU members states and Libya neighbors by exchange of information and experiences in the fields and present security approaches that enlist border populations as first victims of security threats, strengthen capabilities and potentials with the countries to counter extremism and violent extremism. Organizers of the forum underlined that the workshop is considered as a forum to enhance collaboration in border security, common work among border security organs in African Union members concerned with the matter. At the inaugural session of the workshop, the parties called for the need to rally national and international efforts to counter terrorism phenomena and protect against violent extremism by laying down a common approach to counter security threats.

Source: Libya News Agency