Tuesday, 11/8/2020 | 6:16 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Workshop on Curbing Irregular Migration in Libya.

Tripoli, A workshop was organized on Monday by the Study and Demographic Policy Bureau of the National Economic Planning Council devoted to the 'National Program for Protection of Health of workers in the combat of irregular migration in Libya.' The workshop was attended by the delegate Minister of State for Migrants and Displaced Affairs Yusuf Abu Bakr, Minister of State for Societal Development Asma Al Usta, the Commander of Coast Guard Force Brigadier Abdullah Tomia and representatives from the Health Ministry. The workshop dealt with the health hazards caused by irregular migration and the plans put in place to protect workers in the migration area either those in the rescue operations at Sea or those at work in the detention centres. Several papers were read at the workshop. Participants said that Statistics show that the number of irregular migrants has increased over the last two years from the neighboring sub Sahara countries because of the flawed border, with more than 13000 migrants rescued from the Sea in the areas stretching From Garabouli in the east to Zwara on the western Libyan coast in 2016. They appealed to the relevant bodies to act quickly to secure the borders against the flow of irregular migrants, and called for those held in detention centres to be deported to their countries as soon as possible.

Source: Libya News Agency