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Workshop on controlling documentary credits and fighting money smuggling

Tripoli – Libyan Experts and Academicians for Inclusive Development, organized Wednesday a workshop on ‘controlling documentary credits and fighting money smuggling’ under the auspices of the Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. The workshop is aimed to direct attention of importers, Libya banks and all those related to importation on the significance of providing a minimum level of experts on ways to conclude contracts, documentary credits and screening of goods to ensure health and safe food and medicine to consumers. The themes of the workshop include documentary credits, waybills, factory quality control and goods examinations. Director general of Commerce, Industry and agriculture, and chairman of Libyan Academicians and Exports for Inclusive Development and several experts and specialists attended the workshop. Chairman of Libyan Academicians and Experts for Inclusive Development and several experts and specialists in this respect attended the workshop. Libyan Academicians and Experts Organization is offering consultations and scholarship to all Public and private entities, and tries to disseminate the culture of citizenship and support of state institutions in implementing development plans by contributing to building and development of human and economic resources.

Source: Libya News Agency


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