With participation of Lana: launch of world media summit under the theme ‘Media Development Strategy under the influence of the Covid 19.’

Beijing, The world media summit was launched Monday afternoon via Zoom video conferencing with participation of the Libyan News Agency Chairman Abdel Basit Ahmed Abudiya and chiefs and editors of major international news agencies and international media organizations including AFP, Reuters, Tass, Kyodo News, Al Jazeera and Russia Today.

This year's summit program and agenda, organized by the official Xinhua News Agency on the occasion of its 91st anniversary, includes discussing many topics, including (media development: new technology, better vision, media marketing: new partners, new markets, in the spirit of science and cooperation, media response in public health emergencies, media: a bridge between civilizations - the role of media in global development.

The Director of the Chinese Xinhua news agency welcomed participants to the summit, which he said was being unfortunately held via video technology, because of the Corona pandemic, which paralyzed all aspects of economic and commercial life in the world and affected the media.

He expressed hope that the summit would succeed in reaching the development and implementation of the mechanisms of the professional strategy of the media under the "Corona" pandemic.

The summit's speeches tackled the challenges facing the international and local media, in facing up to the false news about the Corona pandemic, which is widespread on social media.

The speeches of participants stressed importance of maintaining the credibility of reliable media by adhering to accuracy in disseminating information on this pandemic, especially the scientific and medical successes in the production of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, and working to motivate and encourage people to respond to preventive vaccinations and follow prevention and safety measures.

The World Media Summit is an important platform for media exchange and cooperation, launched by news agencies and major media organizations in 2009, including Xinhua, Reuters, Tass News Agency, Kyodo News and others.

Source: Libyan News Agency