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Widespread Condemnation of Attack of Police Training Camp in Zletin.

Widespread Condemnation of Attack of Police Training Camp in Zletin.Sunday , 10-01-2016 – 17:23:00

Tripoli, 10 January 2106(Lana) The dastard attack which targeted a Police training camp in Zletin, 150 km east of Tripoli was widely condemned by governments and international organisations which said the threat of terrorism should be confronted by unity of the Libyan people and the formation of national unity government that can reunite the country and stem out division and instability. The Moroccan government condemned the attack on the Police camp and expressed solidarity with the Libyan people. A statement issued by the Moroccan foreign ministry called on Libyan parties to put the interests of the country first, in order to put an end to what it called the state of anarchy which fuels extremism and terrorism. The Arab League called on Libyan parties to close ranks and expedite the formation of the consensus government, to prevent terror groups from exploiting the current situation to block the political solution and threaten the country’s resources. The UN Security Council strongly condemned the attack in Zletin which left dozens killed or wounded. The 15 member council called in a press statement for the perpetrators of this crime to be brought to justice. The Secretariat of the Arab Maghreb Union condemned the terrorist attack which targeted a Police training centre in Zletin, and said in a statement on Friday the attack threatens international effort to restore peace and stability in Libya. It expressed its solidarity with the Libyan people and offered condolences to the victims of the vicious crime. On its part the Organisation of Islamic Conference called on the Libyan parties to commit to execution of the provisions of the political agreement signed in Morocco under the UN auspices. It also called for an acceleration of the formation of the national unity government to ensure the restoration of unity, security and stability of the country. Algeria also expressed full solidarity with the people of Libya at this time of hardship, and urged Libyans to overcome their differences and to put the interests of Libya first. Malta said the Zletin assault compels Libyan antagonists to set aside their differences and work together to implement the UN-brokered agreement to save the country from the threat of terrorism. =Lana=