Saturday, 4/7/2020 | 11:36 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

WHO Libya: Health response to COVID-19 in Libya, update # 7 (Reporting period: 14 – 27 May 2020)

• Of the 99 confirmed cases, 5 patients have died, 40 have recovered and 54 are under follow-up. Most confirmed cases are in Tripoli (54 including 3 deaths) followed by Sebha (19), Misrata (10), Benghazi (4), Zliten (4), Al-Jafara (3), Surman (1), Yefren (1), A Zawiya (1), Subrata (1) and Bani waleed (1).
• Thus far, a total of 7301 samples have been tested (5046 in Tripoli, 2103 in Benghazi, 113 in Misrata and 39 in Sebha).
• South Libya has reported its first two cases of COVID-19. Tests were conducted in Sebha using a GeneXpert machine.
• The conflict continues. Clashes between two armed groups reportedly occurred in Albreigha Hospital (Ejdabiya district). The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) issued a statement condemning the use of improvised explosive devices against civilians in some areas in Tripoli.
• On 18 May 2020, WHO and UNICF issued a joint statement expressing alarm over severe shortages of essential vaccines.
• The continuing lack of supplies remains an overriding concern. Although some supplies have been received, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has not shared its distribution plan with WHO. Many health workers, especially in the south, are refusing to report for duty because they have no PPE.
• Municipalities’ reactions to the government’s allocation of funds for COVID-19 have varied. Some have categorically rejected these funds, while others have welcomed the money. In the absence of a coordinated national response, many municipalities have imposed their own regulations and taken their own measures such as establishing local COVID-19 crisis committees

Source: World Health Organization