Friday, 21/2/2020 | 6:21 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

WHO and Ministry of Health hold workshop on district health information system

WHO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Libya, organized a 3-day training working on the district health information system from 12 to 14 February 2019 to orient statisticians on end user functionalities of the district health information system.

The training will enable primary health care (PHC) centres to report daily, weekly and on a monthly basis on the burden of diseases according to the guidelines of Ministry of Health. In addition, electronic tablets have been provided to each facility to facilitate effective management of data and thus ensure timely reporting. This training is supported by the United Kingdom's Department for International Development-funded PHC project as part of the large array of capacity-building interventions which have been carried out to introduce the family practice approach.

An improved health information system, which is one of the key element of family practice approach, will help the Ministry of Health and partners in the prioritization of essential programmes, as well as promote the use of evidence for planning and decision-making.

District health information system version 2 (DHIS-2) is highly flexible open source software platform for reporting, analysing and disseminating data for all health programmes. Implementation of DHIS-2 in Libya was launched on 8 October 2018 under the leadership of the Health Information Centre, Ministry of Health, with the financial and technical support of WHO, UNICEF and International Organization for Migration.

Source: World Health Organization