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WFP’s 10 Best Tweets Of October

Are you following WFP on Twitter? If not, here are 10 good reasons to do so — a selection of tweets highlighting what we were up to in October.
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Where are the hungry?

#HungerMap: Here’s the latest hunger #map showing #undernourishment around the globe http://t.co/PAVFJHVKij pic.twitter.com/xLas4thrRx

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 21, 2014

No place too far

In Liberia #UNMIL is helping @WFP logistics staff to reach remote areas. Thanks @UNMILNews! #EbolaResponse pic.twitter.com/2u9tt9NB5S

— WFP Logistics (@WFPlogistics) October 27, 2014

Lose no time

Speed is vital to #EbolaResonse: #WFP plane carrying 1 ton of @WHO medical supplies lands in #Mali on Friday evening pic.twitter.com/0q5S1SZx9W

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 25, 2014

Escape from Kobani

Our homes were burnt, our people killed, we had to flee — #Syrian woman’s escape from #Kobani http://t.co/Do4pvqjFmk pic.twitter.com/CUNBj3DKAG

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 27, 2014

“I want my kids to be safe”

#Ebola killed 11 in my family. I’m doing my utmost to keep my kids safe – Oritha from #Liberia http://t.co/0dVxI3tbUZ pic.twitter.com/ErafHlfrFF

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 23, 2014

An unprecedented outbreak

Here’s the latest #map of #Ebola outbreak in West Africa with stats for #Liberia, #Guinea & #SierraLeone pic.twitter.com/264zPdHsAa

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 17, 2014

Don’t turn a blind eye on Syria

#WFP provides food for #Syrians fleeing into Turkey, Iraq despite #funding shortfalls http://t.co/swzuv2XILv pic.twitter.com/piM81Z7hqU

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 23, 2014

How climate change affects the poorest

Warning: #Climatechange threatens agriculture & #foodsecurity of the world’s poorest people http://t.co/vFwtxbuh4G pic.twitter.com/XtVS5ze4aM

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 9, 2014

Friends will be friends

#Photooftheday: Friends will be friends no matter where life takes them – #ChildrenofSyria #refugees #Turkey pic.twitter.com/d99sOgzKpU

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 3, 2014

Towards a world with Zero Hunger 

Happy #WorldFoodDay! Thanks to everyone working towards #zerohunger http://t.co/IEKIXzQTXQ pic.twitter.com/bB7LMuPv4l

— World Food Programme (@WFP) October 16, 2014