Sunday, 16/2/2020 | 7:54 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

WFP Launches Emergency Operation For Egyptian Returnees From Libya

The emergency operation was launched, upon the request of the Egyptian Government, to provide assistance to 60,000 returnees from Libya in the five governorates of Sohag, Menia, Assuit, Qena and Kafr El Sheikh, where the number of people returning from Libya is at its highest.

The monthly food voucher of US$13 gives families a list of essential food items, mainly cereals, oil and pulses, from which they have the freedom to choose from and in any quantities, within the total value of their voucher.

Food vouchers are given with the main purpose of providing immediate support to food-insecure Egyptian returnees. Though the operation will target returnees from Libya, mostly men, their family members will also benefit as vouchers are used to provide food assistance to the entire household. In this context, the total number of beneficiaries from the emergency operation will total up to 300,000 people (returnees and their family members).

"People returning from Libya arrive here with limited or no means of survival and face the challenge of finding employment," said Muhannad Hadi, WFP Reginal Director. "Most returnees are low-skilled labourers, usually men from the economically stressed region of Upper Egypt whose villages of origin have few economic prospects," added Hadi.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Libya hosts around 1.6 million Egyptians, mostly migrant workers.

In the longer term, WFP will hand over this emergency operation to the Ministry of Manpower and Migration and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, who will continue to provide support as required.

Source: World Food Programme