Thursday, 12/12/2019 | 1:54 UTC+0
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Western propaganda against Pak nukes (Pakistan Observer)

BRITISH Home Secretary Theresa May warned that if Daesh (ISIS) consolidates its control over the land it occupies, We will see the world’s first truly terrorist state with the space to plot attacks against us. Its seizure of banks and oil fields gave it more than $2 billion in assets. If Daesh could make the right connection to corrupt officials in Russia or Pakistan, the group might be able to buy enough highly enriched uranium (about 50 pounds) and the technical help to build a crude nuclear device. Militants recruited from Europe or America could help smuggle it into their home nations.

This news is not so shocking or new for Pakistan as we are use to all of it since the inception of our nuclear program. But the concerns over security of Pakistan’s arsenal after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Western nations, particularly their think tanks and the media, started to propagate about the safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear assets.

Gist of all the above statements quoted and thousands similar unquoted, and the thrilled scenarios by the Western media their officials emphasize that there is an outsider threat: an armed group or individual from outside of a facility gains access to nuclear weapons and an Insider threat: a person from within the set-up gets control on nuclear weapon and sells or gives it to outsiders, as the Pakistani government could become weaker due to growing instability in the country, the command and control of nuclear weapons could become vulnerable.

That could increase the risk that terrorists acquire a nuclear weapon or material. So the West, particularly the U.S., should secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

The constantly evolving nuclear safety and security culture in Pakistan is now almost 12 years old. Although there is still a need for further improvement, Pakistan has, over the years, made its nuclear weapons as secure as other nuclear-weapon States have done. Since the 1998 nuclear tests, Pakistani authorities have taken different measures to safeguard the country’s nuclear assets.

Recently Pakistan has been told to focus on its non-proliferation credentials against Pakistan’s request to get access to civilian nuclear technology, similar to India-US civilian nuclear deal from the US. USA is in no mood to see Pakistan progressive by making the old allegation still alive. The actions of Abdul Qadeer Khan from the late 1980s through the 1990s that resulted in the transfer of sensitive technologies to Iran and Libya, among other activities, was due to flaws and in the previous oversight system.

Prior to the Abdul Qadeer Khan’s black market scandal, Pakistan’s nuclear export control framework was governed by statuary regulatory orders and ordinances. In 2004, Pakistan consolidated most of the previous regulations in a single legislation: the Export Control on Goods, Technologies, Material, and Equipment related to Nuclear and Biological Weapons and their Delivery Means Act, 2004. The 2004 Export Control Act was established to strengthen controls on the export, re export, trans-shipment and transit of goods and technologies, material and equipment related to nuclear and biological weapons and missiles capable of delivering such weapons.

The Act extends to whole of Pakistan and maintains a control list which is consistent with the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Missile Technology Control Regime, and the Australia Group. Pakistan does follow strict rules and regulations for the foolproof security of its nuclear weapons and a number of initiatives have been taken in this regard.

The nature of the Western societies is to get sensation and thrill out of everything whether its news, movies or their ideas, and they apply it in International politics. They come up with their thrilled ideas and then start collecting all the scattered puzzle pieces to make their ideas into a tangible threat to the world.

They are still in the denial phase or in shock that how Daesh can get this technology? Well except all the other factors it is in the best of Pakistan’s own survival to take care its nukes. We know how to maintain this pride of being atomic even.