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Volunteers celebrated around the World

5 Dec 2014

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International Volunteer Day/ UNV

An ambulance rushes a wounded child to hospital. A hungry family receives a warm meal. A battered woman finds a free shelter.

According to the UN Secretary-General, in scenes of human suffering around the world like these, hope comes thanks to volunteers who give their time, skills and resources to others in need.

On the International Volunteer Day, marked every 5 December, Ban Ki-moon is paying a special tribute to the volunteers responding to the Ebola crisis, which has so far killed more than 6000 people in West Africa.

The UN Chief is also highlighting the important role that volunteers are playing in shaping a new vision for sustainable development.

He said more than 6,300 UN volunteers and 11,000 UN online volunteers have helped millions of people to make change happen by giving them a voice in peace efforts across the globe.

Stephanie Castro, United Nations.

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