Tuesday, 25/2/2020 | 2:42 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Vice-president Koni: international community support to GNC not as expected.

Tripoli-Vice-president Musa Koni said international community support to GNC not as expected in support of presidency council, not just at economic level bit offering remedies or granting of visa to the wounded of the anti-Da'esh military operations. Al Koni pointed out in a televised interview with Libya Panorama pointed out to the importance of liberating Sirt from Da'esh terrorist organization, which founds for an international event. He underlined the importance to honor the heroes and rebuild the city and organize to secure it and follow up the fleeing remnants. Koni also called forsaking use of the force that participated in the liberation of Sirt as a force to fight terrorism due to its experience and bravery of its members in the fight against terrorism. On the situation in the south of Libya, Koni confirmed that it is the worst of Libyan regions, be it in terms of economy, services, or security. He expressed hope that conditions of the citizens get improved.

Source: Libyan News Agency