Vice -President Al-Lafi follows up on dialogue workshops held on sidelines of Student Youth Forum to build peace and enhance stability.

Tripoli, Vice President of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, accompanied by a member of the House of Representatives, Ayman Seif Al-Nasr, the Minister of Youth, Fathallah Al-Zani, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Khairy Al-Zandi, followed the workshops that were held on the sidelines of the forum. Student youth to build peace and enhance stability, whose activities began this morning in Tripoli, with the participation of Libyan university students. Al-Lafi stressed the importance of the workshops held on the sidelines of the forum, which focused on managing dialogue sessions, the role of the media in reconciliation, and the role of youth in the process of building and strengthening peace. On the ground that will contribute to stability. The representative stressed that Libya needs young people more than ever to contribute to the success of the national reconciliation project launched by the Presidential Council. He stressed the need to come up with a national charter that supports reconciliation, in which young people have a real role.

Source: Libyan News Agency