Wednesday, 23/9/2020 | 10:23 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

USA renews support to Libyan sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Tripoli, The USA has renewed its support to the Libyan sovereignty and territorial integrity. In a statement posted on US Libya's embassy website, it expressed solidarity with the Libyan people in the face of humanitarian and economic difficulties produced by the political crisis. It reaffirmed determination to help Libyan institutions work for prosperity and render basic services to the public as soon as possible. The statement said; ' It shares with the Libyan people their aspirations to transform Libya into a safe democratic state, realize unity and reconciliation, restore rule of law and state authority'. It further said; all segments of Libyan society from all Libyan regions must find their appropriate place in the political process and contribute to shaping the country towards stability. It also reaffirmed commitment to support all efforts made by the GNA to enhance political contacts across the country. The USA urged the GNA to enhance its presence and to look for effective mechanisms for dialogue in support of reconciliation.

Source: Libyan News Agency