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US EU Support Legitimate Government Against Da'esh.

US EU Support Legitimate Government Against Da’esh.Tuesday , 26-04-2016 – 18:26:00

Hanover, 26 April 2016(Lana) The White House said the United States and the European Union would offer Libya extensive support to confront State Organization terror organisation Da’esh, but only after a legitimate government takes over in the country. This came in a statement published by the US administration following talks by leaders of the US, Britain, Germany, France and Italy in Hanover, Germany on Monday. According to the statement Barrack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi and Francois Hollande welcomed the steps taken by the Presidential Council to form a effective government and voiced their support for it. The statement also said the participants have agreed that there was an urgent need to support the Libyan people to upgrade the country’s economy, enhance security and to combat criminal trafficking gangs and the threat of Da’esh. But they said they only agreed to extend help at the request of a government that’s supported by the international community. =Lana=