Tuesday, 4/8/2020 | 2:19 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

US Congress Considers Libya Stabilization Act

New York-The US Congress is considering endorsing a bill for stability in Libya, to clarify the US policy towards the country and push for a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Libya. The bill presented by four congressmen was posted by Congressman Ted Deutch on his website. The 33 page bill revolves around three key issues facing Libya's stability, defining the challenges, taking measures to halt foreign intervention, and assisting Libya. The bill calls for sanctions against those threatening the country's stability and those who commit human rights violations and their complicit. As for assistance to Libya, the bill suggested humanitarian assistance to Libyans and international refugees and migrants in country, as well as supporting democratic rule , elections and democratic civil society. It also urges international financial institutions to engage in promoting economic recovery in Libya, improve management of the public sector, and retrieve Libyan stolen money.

Source: Libya News Agency