Wednesday, 12/8/2020 | 9:40 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

US Congratulates Libyans on Liberation of Sirte.

Tripoli,The United States of America has congratulated the Libyan people on the liberation of Sirte from the terrorist organisation of Da'esh. A statement issued by the US President Assistant for Internal Security Combat of Terrorism Lisa Monako hailed the liberation by the 'Fortified Structure' of the city of Sirte. The Fortified Structure operation has hugely diminished the Da'esh elements in Libya, and ended what it called the organisationa's brutal control of the city. The statement warned that the organisation would seek to spread anarchy and instability in North Africa, indicating that Libyan effort to fight terrorism would continue in other parts of Libya and that the US was prepared to help secure the city of Sirte.

Source: Libya News Agency