Wednesday, 26/2/2020 | 9:38 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

US calls for cease-fire and return to political process

Tripoli-USA has called for cease-fire at outskirts of Tripoli and return of all parties to the UN led political process. The US acting permanent representative to the UN, Jonathan Cohen said at the Security Council session that 'his country is profoundly concerned over instability in Tripoli exposing civilians to perils, and that enduring peace and stability can only be realized through a political solution'. The US representative stressed the need for all parties in Libya to return to the political process which success hinges on cease-fire in Tripoli and its surrounding. The US representative asserted that Washington supports the continued efforts made by the UN Special Representative to Libya, Ghassan Salame and UNSMIL to avert further escalation and chart a way forward that provides security and prosperity for all Libyans as he put it. He said the USA will not tolerate violations and excesses in Libya. "We still feel concerned over violations committed by human traffickers and smugglers against immigrants and refugees' he added.

Source: Libya News Agency