Friday, 16/11/2018 | 8:11 UTC+0
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UNSMIL Condemns Escalation Of Violence In Great Tripoli Area.

Tripoli, UNSMIL has condemned the escalation of violence in Great Tripoli region, calling for ceasefire at all fronts. On its official website, UNSMIL said UN Special Representative, Ghassan Salama contacted all Libyan relevant parties for the immediate cease of all hostile acts and resuming ceasefire talks to find long term solutions for the safety and security of the capital, its institutions and populations. Salama also got in touch with members of the UN Security Council as well as effective regional and international parties with influence on Libyan parties to push towards truce and setting on the negotiation table, UNSMIL posted on its website. On Salaam’s meeting with Fayez Al Sarraj, UNSMIL said Salama underscored to Al sarraj the need that GNA shoulder full responsibility in facing the serious security and economic challenges. It explained that UNSMIL is following up the humanitarian situation in the affected area and offer support whenever possible. It also reminded all parties of their duties to protect civilians in line with the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights International Law, and condemns violence as it is unjustified.

Source: Libya News Agency




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