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UNICEF mounts largest emergency supply operation in a single month

26 Aug 2014

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A child at the health center in Grand Dessalines, Haiti receives oral re-hydration salts being administered by UNICEF. UN Photo/UNICEF/Marco Dormino

The UN children’s agency (UNICEF) is mounting its largest ever emergency supply operation in a single month to help children in multiple crises around the world.

The agency says the operation comes in response to the conflict in Iraq and the Ebola fever outbreak in West Africa.

In 27 days, UNICEF has dispatched 33 humanitarian cargos for children in the Central African Republic, Iraq, Liberia, Palestine, South Sudan, as well as Syria and its neighbouring countries.

Joan Howe is Communications Chief for UNICEF’s Supply Division in Geneva.

“UNICEF is deploying its largest emergency supply operation ever in a single month. This August, UNICEF is sending 1,000 metric tons of life-saving supplies for children caught in the world’s most urgent crises. It is the largest emergency supply operation in the organization’s history in a single month. The amount delivered could  fill up 19 cargo jumbo jets.” (26″)

Ms. Howe said the range of supplies reveals the major threat to life and health that children are facing in different countries.

Derrick Mbatha, United Nations

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