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Libyan Newswire

UNHCR Update Libya (24 January 2020)

Key figures:

343,180 Libyans currently internally displaced (IDPs)

447,388 returned IDPs

46,913 registered refugees and asylum-seekers

1,224 monitoring visits to detention centres since 2019

1,846 refugees and asylum-seekers released from detention since 2019

Approx. 800 refugees and asylum-seekers currently hosted in the Gathering and Departure Facility (GDF)

5,506 vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers departed since November 2017 (2,427 individuals departed)


USD 85.1 M required for 2020


Transfers of refugees and asylum-seekers from the Gathering and Departure Facility (GDF) to the urban community continue to take place. On 20 January, UNHCR transferred 14 individuals from the GDF to the Community Day Centre (CDC), where they received assistance including core-relief items (CRIs) and cash grants. On the following day, 21 January, a further 18 people were transferred in the same manner and received the same package at the CDC.

Since October 2019, some 285 refugees and asylum-seekers have transferred from the GDF to the urban community. While services remain stretched, UNHCR continues to have a presence on site at the GDF to provide assistance. At the CDC, individuals are able to receive CRIs such as blankets, sleeping mats and hygiene kits. They can also access the clinic at the CDC for medical assistance and benefit from services such as registration and protection monitoring interviews.

Population movement

As of 23 January, 947 refugees and migrants have been registered as rescued/intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard and disembarked in Libya. UNHCR and its partner, the International Medical Corps (IMC), continue to provide medical assistance and CRIs to persons at disembarkation points as needed. Since the three-day spike in operations between 9 and 11 January, no new operations have been reported.

UNHCR response

UNHCR continues to respond to queries from persons of concern through its hotlines. Last week, UNHCR received more than 120 hotline calls. The majority of callers requested information on registration and resettlement.

In the period from January 2019 until now, UNHCR has conducted more than 1,200 monitoring visits to detention centres in Libya. Last week, UNHCR's partner in eastern Libya, PremiAre Urgence Internationale, conducted a cleaning campaign and distributed cleaning supplies at Al Baida and Shahat detention centres in Eastern Libya. This intervention aims to improve hygienic conditions for individuals being held in detention.

UNHCR continues to register persons of concern (POCs) through its Sarraj Registration Office in Tripoli. Last week, UNHCR registered 364 individuals mainly from Sudan but also including individuals from Syria, Eritrea, Palestine, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Registration is taking place this week at the Souq al-Khamis detention centre in Misrata (190 km east of Tripoli) over several days. On 23 January, the registration team also carried out registration and verification activities at the Al Safwa clinic in Misrata city.

Last week, UNHCR, through its partner IMC, provided primary healthcare consultations to 145 individuals at the detention centres in Libya. At the CDC, a total of 198 primary healthcare consultations and 43 medical referrals were provided.

Source: UN Children's Fund