Wednesday, 11/12/2019 | 12:14 UTC+0
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UNESCO & SMEX to launch online training cou…

NNA – Today, citizen journalists and community media producers are going beyond blogs and classic social media tools into a full-fledged independent media outlets, management of complex content production processes, and strategic outreach plans. Reporting live from the scene with nothing more than a mobile phone reaching out to millions, has become a familiar daily practice.
With this in mind, and in a region that is going through a critical phase, comes a real need for independent voices skilled at telling stories of the day over the different media channels that people are following.

To this end, UNESCO and SMEX are launching an Arabic-language online course and an open curriculum for independent media, designed by professional Arab digital journalists for aspiring Arab digital journalists.

The two organizations are joining efforts for this initiative that comes part of both their mandate of creating an enabling environment for freedom of expression, with a special focus on youth and women.

Journalists from the following countries: Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria (inside and outside Syria), Tunisia, and Yemen are invited to apply. Applicants are not required to be professional journalists, however, they will be selected to some degree on the basis of journalistic work they have already produced. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible and before July 20, as space is limited to 100 participants.