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Libyan Newswire

UN Mission: 28 civilians killed in past two months

Tripoli, 02.03.2016(Lana) UNSMIL announced Wednesday that killing of 28 civilians in Libya during last January and February. UNSMIL report said; "The causes of most deaths and casualties among civilians were exposed to mortar and artilleries and other weapons'. The report said Benghazi has the lion's share of civilian deaths due to the raging war there, as 14 deaths and 14 injuries were documented in Benghazi, 6 deaths in Ajdabya, 3 in Derna , two deaths and 16 injuries in Sebha, one death and 6 casualties in Mariej , one death and one casualty in Tripoli, one death in Tobruk, and one casualty in Ras Lanouf according to the report. UNSMIL said the civilian victims only cover persons killed or injured in the course of acts of fighting and who did not take part directly in it. The report also said the numbers do not include victims who fell as indirect result of fighting such as executions after captivity, torture, kidnapping or victims who fell as indirect result of fighting consequence'

Source: Libya News Agency