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UN Expedite Repatriation of Migrants to their Countries.

UN Expedite Repatriation of Migrants to their Countries.Wednsday , 0612201715:05:00

Tunis, 6 December 2017(Lana) The International Organisation for
Migration IOM has said it was accelerating repatriation of thousands
of migrants from Libya to their countries. The Organisation said it
plans to evacuate up to 15,000 by the end of the year.
The move was designed to ease crowdedness at the concentration
camps, where the number of migrants increased as a result of a halt
in boat trafficking activities across the Mediterranean to Italy, it
IOM has repatriated 14500 migrants to their countries this year
as part of a voluntarily repatriation scheme.
Influx of migrants into Libya has increased since 2014, where
more than 600,000 have cross to Italy in the last three years, But
the boat journeys to Italy have decreased in July after armed groups
in Sabrata banned the boats from leaving.
‘I noticed that an increase in the number of those willing to
voluntarily return after what happened in Sabrata, said Ashraf Hasan
Head of IOM Repatriation Program.
400 have been transported to Nigeria on Tuesday from the capital
Tripoli and Misrata, Hasan said.