Saturday, 28/3/2020 | 9:03 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

UN envoy to Libya praises effective and constructive role of Algeria.

Algiers,-The UN Special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler has praised the effective and constructive role of Algeria for supporting efforts to bring peace and national reconciliation in Libya. In statement following his meeting with the Algerian Minister on charge of Arab Maghreb and African Affairs, AbdulqaderMesahle, in Algiers, Kbler said I thank Algeria for its effective, constructive and strong role in favor of peace and national reconciliation in Libya. He explained that he held intensive talks asserting the importance of regular exchange of views on the situation in Libya. We reviewed to the fight against terrorism and the situation in Serte, confirming that Serte would soon be liberated from Da'esh terrorist organization. Kobler said he touched with Mesahle to the issue of national reconciliation in Libya, recalling that a meeting to this effect was held recently in Tunis with the participation of about one hundred delegates from Libya and international experts including Algerians. Kobler said the Libyans must meet around table of dialogue and establish talks frame work on national reconciliation. On his part the Algerian official explained that his meeting with the UN envoy to Libya is in line with the regular meetings to exchange information and analysis and achievements underway. He also said they studied the Algerian experience in national reconciliation. He said Libyan dialogue will start soon in Tunisia. He reiterated Algerian position on the urgent need to apply the political accord signed 17 December 2015. He stressed that the Libyan issue is for the Libyans in the first place. He stressed that the solution must be inclusive and by the Libyans themselves.

Source: Libyan News Agency